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South East Training is a network of experienced business consultants who provide a wide range of consultancy services, focused on employee development, to help our customers enhance their business performance. We provide a range of training courses and consultancy services to help our clients improve their business processes, from Project Management and Business Process Modelling, Improvement and Auditing through to Management and Leadership Skills.

About This Site

This site, Easy Project Management, is aimed at anyone who is daunted by the prospect of having to manage a project at home or at work.

To find out if this site is for you, spend a few moments reading the scenario The Project From Hell. Alternatively, skip straight to the toolkit The Project Management Toolkit.

Why 'Easy Project Management'?

Project management isn't rocket science. It is actually a lot of good common sense bundled together to look impressive. In fact, most of us manage small projects in our lives quite well, whether it's planning a holiday abroad, or a wedding, or a special birthday party or simply redecorating the twins' bedroom. These tasks involve many of the key skills of project management - planning, coordinating, negotiating, persuading, influencing, estimating, accounting, reporting, and so on. So, we are all project managers in a way.

'But these are only small tasks', I hear you say. 'It's not the same as refurbishing the office, or installing a new computer sytsem or establishing a new service'. Well it is. It is just that the scale of your business project means you have to be a bit more systematic in the way you go about managing it. And that what this site is about. Helping you become more systematic.

The Project Managemet Toolkit

The toolkit will help you manage even the trickiest of projects without losing sleep simply by being systematic in your approach.


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The Project Management Toolkit

 The Project Management Toolkit

The Pre Start-Up Phase

Is a Project?      

The Business Case

Phases of a Project

The Project Mandate

The Definition Phase

The Rationale

Project Governance

Project Objectives

The Project Scope



 Assessing Risks

 The Project Brief

The Planning Phase

How Much Planning?

The Planning Sequence

Product Based Planning

Estimating Time/Resources

Critical Path Analysis


Communication Plans

Quality Plans


Project Initiation Document

 Critical Chain Concept


The Implementation Phase

Allocating Work

Project Monitoring

Highlight Reports

Exception Reports

The Closure Phase

Post Implementation Review

The Post Project Phase

Benefits Management

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