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Project Responsibilities

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Where there are different departments or functions involved at different stages of a project, it is often useful to illustrate their involvement by using a Responsibility Assignment Matrix. There are several variations of the concept. One of the most popular is the RASCI Model or Diagram. RASCI is an acronym for Responsible, Accountable (or Approve), Supportive, Consulted and Informed.

RASCI Diagram 


Responsible: This category includes those who are responsible for producing the products or outputs of a project

Accountable (or Approve): This is the person or function that is ultimately answerable for meeting the project objectives. They are responsible for signing-off plans and accepting deliverables.

Supportive: This function provides support to the responsible function in producing the outputs.

Consulted: This category includes those whose opinions are sought, such as subject matter experts, customers and/or other stakeholders with a particular interest in the outcome of the project.

Informed: This category includes those who simply need to be kept up-to-date with progress of the project. They may include those responsible for dependent projects or programme who simply need to know that specific stages of the implementation phase will complete on time.

Ideally, only one role should be assigned to an individual or function at each stage. To assign more than one role to a function (as illustrated above) suggests that the role may not have been sufficiently considered and could lead to ambiguity.